Landshut, Germany

June 20 – Heard some great FADO music on our last night in Portugal, and hope to add some of it that I recorded to the website, if I can figure it out.  I’m sure I will be working on that issue for quite some time, as I do NOT want to get fired from my new IT job i have.  LOL!

Arrived today in Landshut, Germany and picked up the car (Renault Megane so we would blend in with all the European peeps)…and decided, (since I hadn’t heard from any relatives about my Aunt Lisel that I’ve never met and she’s in her 80’s),  to  have the guy at the car place call her, since he speaks fluent German and English, just to see if the number I had was good or not.  It was.  He told my Aunt that Norm and I were here in Landshut and that we’d like to meet with her !! She was totally surprised, but said she would.  Great!.. so back to the hotel to try and hire an interpreter for tomorrows meeting.  Found one, but she was busy in another city, so Norm got  a wild hair thought, and asked our very nice young college waiter what he was doing tomorrow.  He is going to meet us and go with us to interpret!  How cool is that??

Trying to load more pictures tonight of Portugal since we didn’t get them all loaded, so hopefully they’ll be up tomorrow.  It takes a lot more time than we expected it would to load the pictures and organize them.  This website is better for blogging than displaying pictures.

Rita & Norm…

Here's our car key! About the size of a credit card.

Here’s our car key! About the size of a credit card.

2 thoughts on “Landshut, Germany

  1. What a great idea Norm came up with. I guess that’s why he gets paid the big bucks! lol. I am sure it’s great for the waiter too. Aren’t you a little early for Octoberfest!! Or are you going back in October? Do you realize you have only been gone 3 weeks. 5 months and 1 week to go. Keep up the good work on the blog. You know, we are living through you vicariously. Pictures are great, keep them coming if you can. Life is good!


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