September 26, 2014—Arrividerci Greve in Chianti!

It has been three weeks since we have posted; and we have been very busy. The biggest event of the year in Greve is the Chianti Wine Festival. This year was the 44th year for the festival. The triangular shaped main Piazza Matteotti in Greve is closed to car traffic and booths are set up on the Piazza for approximately 50 Wineries/Vineyards that produce Chianti wine in the vicinity of Greve. You buy a wine glass for $26 and it entitles you to taste the wines of 7 Wineries/Vineyards. The festival starts on Thursday and runs until Sunday. This year the opening days were marred by rain.But, on Sunday evening there was a record crowd on hand.We went to the festival on Friday to kind of check it out and had a good time!

Then, on Saturday, Rita had friends from Ft. Wayne, Louise, Kevin, Bonnie and David stopped by Greve on a drive through Chianti. They stayed with us at the villa for 4 days and we had a nice visit and caught up on all the news from back home.

Kevin and Louise
Kevin and Louise
Louise, Norm, Rita, Bonnie and Dave, (Kevin took pic)
Louise, Norm, Kevin, Bonnie and Dave, (Rita took pic)
Dave, Bonnie, Louise, Norm and Rita
Dave, Bonnie, Louise, Norm and Rita

One thought on “September 26, 2014—Arrividerci Greve in Chianti!

  1. Simply amazing!! How very blessed you are and deservingly so!!! Love your updates and living life through you how it should be lived!!! Mary Thompson


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