June 16 – Yesterday was a “smell the roses” day as Rita calls it.  We sat around the pool and rested most of the day. The large pool on the main level is a little cool for is.  So, we moved up to the roof top pool which is heated and has a view of the largest mosque in Marrakech.  Although heated, the pool was very refreshing, not at all as hot as I kept my pool at Geist.  Last night, we made one last trip around Place Jemaa El Fna to see the “circus”.  We found some guys selling shots, but we passed on the shots and went for a photo instead.  






We also found this great Moroccan Rock Band, see photo below.  Trying to get them under contract before we leave Marrakech.  



After our walkabout, we went to La Trattoria de la Don Giancarlo, an Italian restaurant Rita found on line.  It was very good.  Lovely setting, see photo below.  We have checked out of our hotel and our waiting on our ride to the airport.  Next stop, Lisbon Portugal.  Rita thought is was funny that the Moroccan’s call “WIFI” “whiffy”.   I might think it is funny also, if I knew what the heck wifi was!!   Happy Father’s day to all the Fathers back home.   HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO BELLA , TODAY SHE IS 14!!! WOW A BIG 8TH GRADER!!!


Night Picture of the courtyard that is the setting for the restaurant with an illuminated pool.  


We love and miss you.NORM & RITA 


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