June 7, 2013–date line Edinburgh–We took the train yesterday from London to Edinburgh for a couple day visit.  I wanted to see where the Garvin family came from.  Scotland is very pretty, rolling hills, green, lots of farms and fields.  The North Sea is very blue.  The train ride was 4 hours.  We got a room at Hotel Missoni.  It was the first hotel designed by the Missoni’s.  Rita says  everything Missoni can be purchased at Target.  We walked around Old Town last night.  Then, walked Princes street, Rose Street and George Street in New Town.  We are so far North that it is light until 10:00 pm.  This morning we are headed to see the Castle and do some other exploring.  –Norm & RIta

3 thoughts on “Edinburgh

    • Too Funny, We thought it was funny that an Italian Designer would have a hotel in Scotland. This is there only one, they are building another one in Dubai.


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