June 5, 2013, Date line London — We are still hanging around London and enjoying the sights.   We did a tour of the Tower of London.  Dull historical facts brought to life and up to date with wit and humor.  A very enjoyable tour which included the Queen’s Jewels.  Afterwards we toured St. Paul’s Cathedral.  We did not go to the top of the rotunda because it was over 500 steps.  Today we toured Westminster Abbey.  Darwin, Newton, Queens and Kings are all buried within the Abbey.  Tonight was dinner at the Gay Hussuard, a hungarian restaurant chosen by Rita.  The chicken paprikas and the the goulash were very tasty.  Tomorrow we are taking an express train to Edinburgh to spend a couple of days.  We are excited about moving on and seeing another country.  Love and miss you.  –Norm & Rita 

10 thoughts on “London

    • I will let you know. I don’t think we are part of the original clans. At lease, I have not been able to find us among them so far. But, Edinburgh is a wonderful city to visit. Very old and beautiful. –Dad


  1. Last summer, I climbed 284 steps to the top of the Leaning Tower of Pisa, 320 steps to the top of the St. Peter’s Dome at the Vatican, and 669 steps of the Eiffel Tower (which my mother did also!!)…you can do it! The views are extraordinary – and the view looks even better knowing you did it on foot!


    • Yes, but I have to take it easy because of my IT band injury. I don’t want to have problems on the 6th day out with 173 days to go. Hope all is well with you. –Dad


    • The 500 stairs was just a guess, it is really more like 589. That was only to the first veranda, and the stairs up / down were not even half the size of the ones at Pisa, and the circular stairs were steep and narrow. Too narrow for two people. Not many people approached this.


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