Papparazzi Photos

William and Kate

William and Kate

June 4, 2013 – So after running into Brad and Angelina, we come across another momentous day in England, the Queen celebrating her 60 year coronation anniversary.    So we got a spot on top of a ledge right across the street from Westminster Abbey (and next to a real papparazzi photographer) and decided to see if we could see the Royal’s leaving.  Guess what?  Yes we did, and William and Kate and all of the Royal Family.

Maybe we should take up actually being a REAL papparazzi photographer?  We would of course have to get additional IT equipment, as the iphone really shouldn’t be used for such an important profession.

One thought on “Papparazzi Photos

  1. And you have just gotten started. I hope you keep the momentum up for all the 6 months. May everyday bring you a memorable moment!!!!!!


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