Copenhagen to Oslo

August 8th, 2013.  We have two tough days of driving ahead of us.  Today we are leaving for Oslo, Norway.  We have a nine-hour drive today to get to Copenhagen.  Then, we have a seven-hour drive to get to Oslo tomorrow.  I kind of misjudged the distances and now we are paying for it. (Should have checked with the IT dept. and/or used one of the 5 electronic devices we have on our trip,LOL!). We will post our photos of Brugge, Brussels and Amsterdam as soon as we find time to stop long enough to download our photos.  Sounds easy, but it is not.  It takes the IT Department anywhere from 3 to 6 hours to do the photos on our blog!!   Many thanks to our hard working IT Department.  There is a sign in our IT Department that says:  “Will work for food!”  I think it may be cheaper to pay for the services!!!!!!!    Miss you and love you all.  Kayla Smith, my granddaughter, had her 14th Birthday, on August 5th.  Happy Birthday Kayla.  My niece’s daughter, Jordan Sibley turned 20 on August 3rd!   She is attending ISU.  Go fighting Trees or Quabachi or Sycamore Sam or whatever they call themselves now. Happy Birthday to Gabi, Rita’s sister, we won’t say what age she is turning, since she is too close to my age, just that it’s a birthday on the 10th of August, and we will wish her a great day!!  


Norm & Rita


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