September 7, 2014… Almost Feels like Home!!

This spread was waiting for us when we returned home in the evening! Cognac!
This is what we call a “Green Bar”!!
UTS villa (house used in movie)
UTS villa (house used in the movie)

4 thoughts on “September 7, 2014… Almost Feels like Home!!

    • You’re very welcome!!! We are glad to have you as a follower! We are really looking forward to Kevin and Louise visiting on Saturday! We are looking for our Paris apartment right now, for our last 14 days of our trip. If you know of one, that is fantastic, let us know! Rita


  1. I was rolling with laughter when I read about the trip up the mountain and Rita’s white knuckles and queezy stomach…..sounds like me. I don’t know that I could of ventured up the hill to the restaurant. Tom and I have been getting in some great tennis as well, would love to get hooked up with you peeps on the court. Lauren cheered her first game at Purdue, there were approx. 65,000 in attendance (they had a battle of the bands with the area high schools). Exciting times, Paige and I enjoyed the tailgating and watching sissy cheer. she has to share a stunt partner because her guy quit (bummer). Keep her in your prayers, she is struggling with the missing home, hope she gets over it soon – it is hard to see her unhappy, she needs to buck it up though 🙂
    Lots of love, safe travels and ENJOY that wine festival 🙂
    Mary Didier


    • Mary,
      Saw all the pics on FB about Lauren and her first Football game, she was great! Give her some time, and also some space. Maybe you can try to stay away from her (except for games, of course) and make her stay at Purdue without coming home for awhile, to help her “fit in” at Purdue and it will force her to get involved in the campus life. I also think a little separation from Mom and Dad’s strings are always good for them. It’s harder on us, as parents to do that, but it usually works. We are looking forward to our guests and the wine fest! We’ll be home before you know it. Rita


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