5 thoughts on “Sunday, August 10, 2014. Greti, Italy—Moving In

  1. dear norm and rita – we love hearing from you, and of course, have nothing as exciting to tell you. but, ric just asked me to tell you that john bruch passed away last week, was cremated and his ashes were spread on a lake in Minnesota, and a lovely catered wake was given at his home last Saturday which we attended. other than that all is well here, the gardens are doing well, and as soon as I can reorganize my work area i’ll begin painting again. the children are all in school again, and the summer here is over. we love you both and are happy for your happiness in Italy. chaio! Date: Sun, 10 Aug 2014 19:44:55 +0000 To: ricmahaffey@hotmail.com


    • Ric and Rose, thanks for your comment. I am happy you are onboard for this trip. Ric, I was sorry to hear about the passing of John Bruch. I know how very close you were to him. I heard his wake was well attended. Rose, glad to hear you will be painting again. It is important to keep this thread going in your life.. Ric, you would have loved Dario. A master “entertainer”. See you when we return. –Norm & Rita


  2. It looks absolutely amazing – I don’t think I would ever leave!! Sounds like a wonderful adventure!!! Enjoy every momento!!


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