July 31, 2014 – We are in Portofino, Italy…

Oh, yeah, it did! Man, I can't even back up my car straight!
Oh, yeah, it did! Man, I can’t even back up my car straight!
Here's a job for Norm in retirement!!
Here’s a job for Norm in retirement!

And now we are off to get settled into our villa in Greve, Italy!!

5 thoughts on “July 31, 2014 – We are in Portofino, Italy…

  1. dear rita and norm – I know we haven’t responded to you this summer, but we’ve loved your newsy letters about your trip – we envy you your freedom and your fun! years ago ric and I were in Portofino and felt it was like a walt Disney set – it was so perfect! we even purchased a dinner plate from the restaurant where we ate yummy food and wine – enjoy, enjoy, enjoy and please keep us in your “loop”. love, cathy and ric mahaffey Date: Fri, 1 Aug 2014 13:41:34 +0000 To: ricmahaffey@hotmail.com


    • Great to hear from you Cathy and Ric. Glad you are following us. We spent two days in Portofino and had a wonderful time. It is so beautiful. At night, after the tourists go home, the harbor is lovely and peaceful. I love your idea of collecting plates from restaurants you visit. That is so cool. By the way, please accept my condolences on the loss of John Bruch. He was always so kind to me. I loved the big bear! –Norm


  2. What an unbelievable adventure and you both derserve the best life has to offer!! Have a great time in Italy!! Ciao Bella!! Love you – Mary


  3. Sounds so wonderful!!!!! Enjoy, drink a cabernet for me. Wish i could’ve come !! Since you had such a pleasant experience at your rentals, mayby you might go back again. ???


  4. Another amazing post, I’m surrrre your enjoying the freedom and the carefree days.
    god has made a beautiful world for us to enjoy, so happy you are getting to experience it.
    Praise the Lord daily and live life to the fullest as we do not know when our hour will come…..Rita, do you remember Mike Fridley, 59
    Passed away last week, viral infection 😦
    God’s Blessings on you both, be safe and enjoy


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