May 26, 2014. St. Leon-sur-Vezere

Today is Monday. It is Memorial Day in Indianapolis. Yesterday was the Race. We were able to listen to the Race live on WIBC. It was exciting.   We both missed being at the Race. My parents never missed a Race when they were alive. I went to almost all of them during my adult life. Of course, Rita went for many years before she became associated with Andretti Autosport, so the day was very sentimental for us both. Being from Terre Haute, I always looked forward to the singing of the song “On the Banks of the Wabash” which was written by Paul Dresser who was born in Terre Haute. It was especially significant this year since Jim Nabors was signing the song for the last time. No matter what you think of Gomer, he can really sing that song. And, of course, we both like to watch the release of the balloons. My daughter Angela was born during the 1973 Race. So, the Race is very special to me, Martha and my daughter. Angela went to the Race this year for the first time since she was a child. She said she enjoyed it and had a great time. She even rode her bicycle to the Race!! Lets hear it for Ryan Hunter-Reay for winning the Indy500, and Marco Andretti and Carlos Munoz, all Andretti team drivers.

Today, Rita and I ventured out to do our grocery shopping to an Inter-Marche, an all purpose grocery store.   The store was very big, very nice and had a great selection of items. It was not too much different from a WalMart except the people working the check out get to sit while they work. Also, you put money, a dollar thirty-seven, into a lock to release a shopping cart and get your money back when you return the cart. The store had some American products like Heinz Ketchup, Coca-Cola, and Knorr’s bouillon cubes. But, the majority of the products were strictly French.

This is our second full day in the house. It rained all day. So, we stayed inside. Rita worked on finding us a place to rent in Tuscany. I worked on my beauty sleep. I was successful. Rita has a few promising leads, but nothing in hand. We watched cooking shows from England, Nigela Lawson, and then cooked dinner together. We had chicken, rice and a salad. Dinner was very good. So, were the Cosmos, which were homemade and less than $22 each! 

It is kind of chilly here in the mornings and evenings. We had the owner of our house turn on the heat for us. We are also doing laundry after being on the road for 21 days.

My comment on the French today is that all of our hotel bathrooms have had signs saying to save the world by not laundering towels each day so that our precious water will last longer. This is a very laudable goal, but the message seems to me mixed since most of the hotel bathrooms have multiple showerheads and multiple jet sprays using more water for showering than any laundry of towels would use. 

It is also interesting to us that the French regulate everything except what you think they should regulate. Just one example is that in Dordogne, where we are staying, all swimming pools must have a black liner. But, there is no regulation requiring on how hot the water in a faucet may be. There seems to be no limit. The water is as hot as those special hot water faucets in the US that are used for soup or tea. We have almost burned ourselves several times. 

BTW, what do you know about troglodytes? We seem to be in the center of where they were invented or, at least discovered. Troglodytes are cave dwellers. They are known to be short in stature, brutish and ugly except to other troglodytes. In any event, we are in the center of Troglodyte country. There are lots of caves and cave drawings in this area. The most famous are 17,000 years old and are located in Montignac, which is 15 kilometers away. We keep watching for Troglodyte crossings on the roads, but have not seen any up to now. We will keep you advised.

Tonight we are watching the French Open on TV. Just watched an exciting 5 set match. Last week, we caught some of the Cannes Film Festival. Yesterday, we watched the end of the Monaco Grand Prix. There is always something going on here.

Well, pray that the rain will stop. If it doesn’t, send us a boat. The Vezere River is a rising. St. Leon-sur-Vezere is not on high ground.   –Noah and Naamah. Although the Bible does not name Noah’s wife, Jewish tradition says her name was Naamah, which means the “Beautiful” and was a descendant of Cain.



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