2 thoughts on “New Information

  1. Amazing, how beautiful. I am so happy for you both, what an adventure of a lifetime.
    God Bless you abundantly and always. My baby girl is leaving next week for Ireland, London, Wales and Scotland and then off to Purdue for freshman year, can you believe it.
    Joerdis leaves to go back to Germany next week as well.
    Me and Paigey Poo Poo and Daddy will hold down the fort and our journeys will begin next year
    Love ya


    • Mary, Thanks for your email. I can’t believe Lauren is going off to Europe. What a great adventure. I hope she has a wonderful time. I wish she was going to be in France or Italy so we could meet up with her. It sounds like you will have a wonderful Summer with Paigey Poo Poo and Daddy. Do you think Tom will mind that he is not included?


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