May 19, 2014—La Baule, France, Brittany

We left Sarlat in the Dordogne area of France yesterday and decided to go on a short drive. The weather was beautiful, 81 degrees, so we headed to the Atlantic Coast. After a short, 7-hour drive, we arrived in La Baule, France that is on the Atlantic Ocean. The drive was mostly through farmland. There were plenty of cows and a few sheep. The farms were very large. The highways were well maintained and very clean. Maybe the highways are clean because the French are not suppose to eat or drink anything while driving to comply with its laws. Traffic moves along at good pace. I think we cruise around 80 miles an hour and sometimes top out at 95 miles per hour. The drivers are courteous and patient. But, they all drive very fast. When you pull out into the passing lane, you better check your rear view mirror and be ready to floor it because cars can, and do, come up on you very quickly. So, you don’t pull out into the passing lane unless you are ready to boogey.

 We did make one stop on the way to La Baule. We walked around the fort and old port of La Rochelle. La Rochelle was having a festival so there were many families out strolling around the city enjoying the nice weather. La Rochelle has an ice cream store called Earnest le Glacier. It is located in the old port area and we had learned of the store from Yann Desmadryl.   So, we looked it up and there was one long line to get into the store, but we decided to wait in line and are glad we did. I had vanilla and chocolate fudge brownies. Rita had crème brulee and white chocolate. The ice cream was soft, but not as soft as gelato. It was also very creamy with a lot of flavor. In fact, Rita and I are willing to call it the best ice cream we have ever had. So, thank you for the recommendation Yann.

When we entered La Baule yesterday, we passed a long line of stopped cars on the other side of the highway. The line was over 14 miles long! When we arrived in La Baule, we were told that some pony jumping event, which draws large crowds from around the world, had just ended and thus the long line of cars stopped on the highway working their ways home. La Baule has a nice long sand beach. The sand is light brown to white. It is a real pleasure to find such a beach in France and is such a change from the pebble beaches that you find on most, but not all, of the French Riviera beaches. The ocean front boulevard is surrounded with apartment and condominiums, but most are only 4 to 6 stories high. The beach is dotted with little restaurants where you can eat with your feet in the sand if you choose.

We are staying at the Hermitage. We always choose our hotels by location, then price. We rely primarily on and They are usually pretty good sources, but like anything you have to read all the reviews, positive and negative, very carefully to avoid being surprised. We have tried to use for restaurants, but we do not believe it is as reliable a resource for restaurants as it is for hotels. One problem is that when you show up in a restaurant recommended by, you seem to be sharing the restaurant with English speaking tourists who have read the same restaurant reviews that you have read. So, you end up eating with English, American, Australian and Canadian tourists instead of with locals. Finding restaurants preferred by locals is much more difficult to find. But, we do make the effort and occasionally find a pleasant surprise restaurant where only the locals eat.

Last night, our hotel bar had cosmopolitans. We were pretty parched since we had gone almost a week without our favorite cocktail because cranberry juice is almost impossible to find in France for some reason that is unknown to us. It is odd since French bars offer other less popular drinks regularly such as sex on the beach and manhattans which are on every bar menu. Therefore, we have been drinking mostly wine. So, in the lobby bar we downed two quick cosmos to relax us from the 7-hour drive. The cosmos were served with mixed nuts, olives, tapenade and cashews gratis.   When we went to leave the bar, we learned that the four cosmos were $95 USD or $23.50 each. Since we are on a daily expenses budget, we shot half of our meals budget on the two drinks or all of our daily miscellaneous expenses. We may have to give up drinking cosmos! Or, eat half as much or eliminate miscellaneous expenses!

Well, we are still homeless, but trying everyday to locate a house to rent. Either the houses do not please us or the ones that please us are too expensive or when we find one we like and it is not too expensive, it is booked. We have used just about every website on the Internet to locate a house. It is a long slow process burning up about 4 to 5 hour of research each day. We know now that we should have booked a house much earlier. We did not consider that in peak season most of the great locations would be taken. Oh, well, we are not looking for sympathy. As Alki always says, the Marine Corps told its recruits that if you want sympathy, you will find it in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. The Marine Corps is right. But, we did want you to have a flavor for what we are doing on a daily basis in France. We are not just sitting around eating bonbons. Travel is hard work.

 It is noon and we are ready to hit the road again. We have no destination planned. We normally get in the car, look at each other, and then look at a map of France and start discussing places on the map within a one-day drive that we think we may want to see. Once we have reached a consensus, we type in the destination on the GPS and our day begins afresh in search of new adventures and dreams. A bientot. –Norm and Rita.

7 thoughts on “May 19, 2014—La Baule, France, Brittany

  1. Hi Rita and Norm Glad to read you found a place to stay. Tony did a job for a couple today, they are headed to France then Italy for a vacation. Tony shared your web sight to them. They were so excited and asked if he felt it would OK for them to follow you.He said it would be fine. If you get a message from Stephenson or Stevenson not sure which one yet, I will let you know it is them . They may ask you some questions on what to see and where to eat ect…. I hope that is OK with you. Hopefully all of Norms dreams are coming true!! Enjoy


    • Hello Lynn and Tony, we heard from the Stephensons. They stayed a week with us, ate our food, drank our wine, used our rental car, and charged some items to my American Express Card. Then,they left. About a week after the Stephensons left, we were contacted by the Stevensons. We learned from the Stevensons that you had referred them to us after Tony did some work for them. Unfortunately, I was broke when the Stevensons contacted us because I had spent all my money on the Stephensons so I was not able to accommodate the Stevensons requests for lodging. In any event, if you have more customers you would like to refer to us this Summer, please don’t !! But, you and Tony are always welcome. Bring cash when you come.


  2. Dear Norm and Rita,

    I loved your latest post. You are having fun, and that is a good thing. Soon, you will find a house. It will probably find you, so just wait for the universe to guide you.

    Love, Alki


    • Your email was excellently timed. We gave up looking for perfection, but ultimately found it in the end. Thanks for your moral support. Hope to see you this Summer in Italy or Samos.


  3. Cheers to the homeless!!!!! I may use the to”Marine Quote …ex Marine brother in law’s funeral is tomorrow in Iowa..leaving Jody at home to buy the house … She has 3 choices ….Sue Lerchan says she isn’t taking her home tell she buys one!!! Jb

    Sent from my iPad



    • Smart gal, that Sue is, she caught on fast!!! We may NOT be homeless as of now! We have found a home and we are waiting on the contract to sign. Book your flights NOW!!


    • John, If you would like more Marine Corp. quotes, please let me know I am an expert at marching and running cadence. One example from my friend Mark Cornelius, who spent his 21st birthday under his cot in Cambodia while his airbase was under attack, even though the President of the United States denied we had a physical presence in Cambodia, “I want to be a Recon Ranger, live a life of sex and danger…”


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