Sayan / Ubud Bali

November 3rd, 2013

We spent a few days in Sayan.  We learned that Cindy Crawford, John Travolta and Julia Roberts all supposedly stayed in our Villa.  But, we figure they may tell that to everyone.  Our stay in Sayan (just outside Ubud) was different than our stay in Jimbaran as the resort was very tropical and jungle like.  There was no water surrounding us, no beaches, just beautiful lush grounds with coconut trees, gardens and flowers galore!  Very peaceful and tranquil.

 Yesterday we visited Pura Ulun Danu.  The second most important temple in Bali even though it was only constructed in 1926.  It is located in Lake Bratan.  It is dedicated to Dewi Danu the goddess of lakes and rivers.  The temple has 11 tiers which is the most a temple may have.  The number of tiers indicates the importance of the temple in Hindu worship.  The tiers are made of black palm fiber and no other roof in Bali may use black palm fiber for a roof except a temple.

 After visiting the temple, we went to see the terraced rice paddies of Jatiluwih.  While beautiful to see, it was unfortunate that the rice season was such that the rice was not in standing water which makes them even more beautiful because the water reflects the colors of the plants and sky.

During our journey, we learned a lot from our driver about Hindu culture and life.  For example, the average hotel worker in Bali makes $35 a month.  All marriages are arranged by families.  After marriage, the bride moves into the groom’s home with his grandparents, parents, and brothers and their wives and children. (Our driver had 14 people living in his house.) The family lives in a compound with 4 distinct and separate areas.  One area is for the temple.  One area is to greet guests and communal activities.  Another area is devoted to cooking.   The final area is the private area where the family sleeps.  The land for a home is very expensive.  It costs $24000 for 100 square meters.  The cost to build the compound is relatively inexpensive.  It only costs $12000. The compound is built in 2 months.  As noted above, each house has a temple.  And, every day, when you leave for work and when you come home, you are supposed to make an offering of food to the gods, which is left on the temple and another offering of food or flowers for the spirits are left on the ground.  The temples are draped in colors such as white, red and yellow, which represent purity.  Sometimes the temples are draped in black and white checked cloth to show that good and evil are in balance. It is wonderful to watch the Balinese practice their Hindu religion on a daily basis. 

 We saw some interesting Bali workers along our way to visit these sites. We have posted some pictures of those on the “Photo” page. 

 Love and miss you all ! Norm and Rita 


Our second stop in Bali, Sayan, which is just outside of Ubud was so nice also!


Entrance to the resort!


This is at the end of the walkway and they host weddings here and private dining on this patio with a pond on it.

Patio at the pond

Patio at the pond

These two greet us while playing "Mary had a little lamb".

These two greeted us while playing “Mary had a little lamb”.

Bar area

Bar area with a great view

See the hooka pipe at the end of the bar?

See the hooka pipe at the end of the bar?

Looking down the staircase, as there are NO ELEVATORS here at all!

Looking down the staircase, as there are NO ELEVATORS here at all!

On our way to our villa. Such pretty grounds.

On our way to our villa. Such pretty grounds.

First view of our villa. Where is it?

First view of our villa. Where is it?

This is our roof to our villa.

This is our roof to our villa with a lily pond and patio with bench.

Ok, here's how we get inside.

Ok, here’s how we get inside.



Our garden right across from our villa.

Our garden right across from our villa.







This is our view beyond the coconut trees in the back of our place.

This is our view beyond the coconut trees in the back of our place.

Rita got these kids to wave at us while rafting by us!

Rita got these kids to wave at us while rafting by us!


Now lets just take a walk through the place.





Here are some pictures of the Pura Ulun Danu Temple.










We should compare this to the one on the page “Where are we going?” to see if we did a good job or not on our photos.







The sidewalks around the temple had these hand made pictures inlaid.





Here are some of the “Interesting things” we saw along our way to the temple and rice patties.



Round a bouts are all over the world.





A typical Balinese home


And the rice patties were also pretty.








They do all their work by hand. Notice her tool she’s using?

One night we had a Babi Guling festive dinner night.



Decorations for the nightly dinner.

Decorations for the nightly dinner.

Decorations for the night of Babi Guling!

Decorations for the night of Babi Guling!

Babi Guling! Delicious!

Babi Guling! Delicious!

And just a few more random pictures of our walk through Ubud.





3 thoughts on “Sayan / Ubud Bali

  1. I can’t believe the amazing pictures. Again, so clear and beautiful. What can I say, your trip is coming to a close soon. What a life changing adventure. Enjoy!!! You may not have turkey, but Happy Thanksgiving.!!!


  2. Everytime I look at your Photos page, I think of a hundred things I want to say and, by the time, I am done looking through the pics, I don’t remember them!! This time, I took a few notes…First, I KNOW what time it takes to upload, organize and make comments on the photos we are looking at…THANK YOU SO MUCH for doing this!!! Your photos are really so fun and take us right along on the journey with you. YAY!!!! I was SOoo happy to see The Pants, Rita!! Did you see anyone get a fish-kiss pedicure?!? I am so happy that you went to India, Dad. Looking at your pictures, I was thrilled that you were able to experience India first-hand…in all of its splendor, color, craziness, sounds and aromas. It may not prove to be your favorite part of the trip, but how lucky you are to experience something so different half-way around the world to give you yet another unique reference point for living!! And, the images from Ta Prohm…so lovely. I can’t wait to see those up close when you get back. Oh, and the Queen’s dressing swing….I WANT ONE!!!! Thank you so much for spelling out the pronunciation of Phuket…I have been wondering. Your room there was so lovely – and the bathrrom, too! Thank you for including pics of your resort rooms in many of the places that you stay. They are remarkable and totally inpirational from a design perspective. It is so interesting to see the flavor of the rooms/lobbies/entrances and room views from each place you visit. Thank you for sharing this amazing adventure with all of us. Lots of love and kisses. Can’t wait to see you!!


  3. Awesome! I love the history 101 I get from you guys maybe I’ll pass some questions in trivial pursuit sometime!! Liverpool you and miss you.


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