October 26th through October 30th – Jimbaran, Bali

We are in Bali this week.  It is one of the Indonesian islands.  It is to the east of “Java” (which is the largest Indonesian island and the island where President Obama spent a portion of his childhood).  Unlike the rest of Indonesia, Bali is Hindu, not Muslim.  It has about 3.5 million people.  I visited Bali 13 years ago, but I hardly recognized it because of all the changes.  The people remain gracious, kind and beautiful, but development has taken its toll on the islands infrastructures.  There are too many tourists, too many hotels, too many cars, and not enough roads.  It is a shame what being ranked by some as “the best island in the world to visit” has done.  


First sight of the grounds at our place in Bali. Nice first impression!


We can wear… “Flowers in our hair”.. remember that song?

So far, we have been only in Jimbaran, Kuta, Seminyak and Denpasar. We have lounged by our pool and taken all of our meals at the resort.  We ventured out to see two Hindu temples.  On our way out to the temples, we needed to stop by an ATM machine, (now one of my favorite places to go, as I’ve never used one prior to this trip).  We were in total shock when the amounts popped up on the screen!!! $500,000.00, $1,000,000.00, and $1,500,000.00!! WOW.. what large amounts!  We decided to go for the $1,000,000.00 as we have never seen that amount of money before.  Once we received it, we discovered that it really is only about 90.00 U. S. Dollars…. It totally burst our bubble of millionaires!

 Whew…. Now back to the Temples we were on our way to visit.  One is called Tanah Lot, a 15th century temple, and is the most photographed temple on the island.  It is located on a rock formation close to Bali, but separated from Bali by high tides.  The second temple is called Pura Uluwatu.  It is an 11th century temple and is sometimes called the monkey temple because it is home to so many wild monkeys.  The monkeys steal everything they can from the tourists and them slowly trade back the items stolen for food.  There have been many stories of tourists losing cameras, iPhones, sunglasses and hats to the monkeys.  Rita was told to really be careful with her iPhone, b/c they will jump you and take it and run up a tree and then bargain with you to get it back.  I had to remove my hat before going in as hats are at a high commodity also. 

We can tell we are near the equator because the temperature and the humidity are quite high.  For example today, it is 90 degrees and 62% humidity.  Sounds like a pool day to me.



Hummmm… which pool shall it be today?  


Tomorrow we go to Ubud, where Julia Roberts went in Eat, Pray, Love to find love.  I was in Ubud 13 years ago and loved it.  I am eager to see if the movie has ruined its quaintness and agrarian base.  

 We forgot to mention on our last blog that Rita’s granddaughter, Annabelle turned 3 on the 15th, her grandson, Owen turned 5 on the 28th, and other grandson, Brody will be 2 on Nov. 11th.  Happy birthday to all of them!! Miss them all very much!

Love you all !!! Norm and Rita

Our first stop in Bali, we stayed in Jimbaran.  Here’s a few of our first pictures upon arrival.

A few little guys greeting us as we pull up.

A few little guys greeting us as we pull up.

The Lobby

The Lobby

More little guys to the left.

More little guys to the left.

View from the Lobby, looks like this will be a nice place.

View from the Lobby, looks like this will be a nice place.

Now let’s take a walk around the grounds and check out the place.







Pretty waterfall coming up.

Pretty waterfall coming up.

Yep, waterfall is beautiful up close.

Yep, waterfall is beautiful up close.












Think we should depend on this handrail?



Whew!! Finally made it to our villa.








Our first dinner at Sundara!

Our first dinner at Sundara!

Our view from our dinner table.

Our view from our dinner table.



We visited Tanah Lot.

Tanah Lot

Tanah Lot






And then on to Pura Ulawatu but we had to pass by these little guys that steal your stuff!




Pura Ulawatu Temple

Pura Ulawatu Temple

The back side of Pura Ulawatu

The back side of Pura Ulawatu




5 thoughts on “October 26th through October 30th – Jimbaran, Bali

  1. The pools look great!! I have been reading your posts and enjoying them A LOT!! I don’t always have time to post a reply, but I am always looking to find out what you guys are doing. I have really enjoyed all the background, history and context you’ve been giving us for each place you’ve been visiting. I loved the sandal/slipper story from Singapore. You guys always crack me up. And I now want to make a Singapore Sling…I imagine we call all do that next summer! I loved the photo from Bali of dad with flowers in his hair…always the hippie!! LOL!


  2. Thanks Jada!! and Lynn and Melissa!! Finally got Norm to chill, and we just hung around this beautiful resort for a few days of relaxation. We certainly had a great time there!


  3. Thanks for the cards for the boys. They miss u guys so much glad we can face time at 6 am!!! See you all very soon and I will get air in all vehicles this weekend!!!!! Party at Cupertino!!!


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