Phuket, Thailand

October 22, 2013

We came to the beach in Kata Noi for a few days of R&R.  We have a villa, with a private plunge pool overlooking the beach. On our first morning we had breakfast in the room while we stared out at the beautiful infiniti pool and ocean.  Our fried eggs were in the shape of hearts as were our pancakes! We lazed around the pool and our cabana inside the pool most of the day.  Then, we watched about three weddings on the beach in three days, all of course happening at sunset, one of which had a baby elephant ushered down the aisle to lead the procession from the outside beach alter to the inside wedding dinner.  We got the impression very quickly that this must be a  destination-wedding site.  

On Saturday night, we went into famous (or infamous) Patong Beach, depending on who you asked, to see the night life.  It is a street about 6 blocks long, lined with bars, and filled with under 30 Aussies doing what they do best, getting drunk.  Of course, there were other nationalities represented as well as other age groups from over 30 to WAY OVER THE HILL.  And, where there are boys at play, there are lots of girls and women to watch the boys play and to help them spend their money.  Get what we mean….. Most of the street was tame, people drinking, watching soccer, listening to live music, it could have been Broadripple.  But, there was the infamous side of Patong if you looked for it, but we only stayed for about an hour, played Checkro in a bar, and had a couple of beers, figuring beers in a bottle would be the safest thing to drink.

The next morning we both felt very ill and realized that we had come down with food poisoning.  Rita came down with quite a severe dose of the food poisoning from dinner, not Patong, required a nurse and prescription drugs, and helped us appreciate why Phuket (pronounced pooh ket) might just be called “puke it or poop it”) if you know what we mean!  We decided it was from Rita’s meal that we both got the food poisoning, as she ate about half of her meal and always gives me a bite or two for a tasting.  I only had to stay in bed one day, but after two days of lying in bed and taking drugs, Rita is feeling better today and is ready to make our flight tomorrow to Singapore.  

We miss you and love you.  Hope you are still following us.  We have not had any comments to our last three blogs. Think maybe you forgot about us or you just didn’t get excited by our last several blogs and photos. We will try to do better.  You cannot always hit a home run. 

Love.  –Norm & Rita 

Phuket, Thailand (Actually, these are from Kata Noi Beach in Phuket)

First of all here are a few of our place and the view from our room!








Breakfast in our room overlooking our pool and the ocean.

Breakfast in our room overlooking our pool and the ocean.

Heart Shaped Eggs!

Heart Shaped Eggs!









This is breakfast from the veranda.


Breakfast view!

Then here are some nightlife pictures!






4 thoughts on “Phuket, Thailand

  1. I am sure you will get lots of comments after your not so subtle hints. I have been following your blog but was on a petite, tiny, minuscule, short, over too soon, not 6 month vacation and just didn’t get around to commenting sooner on your blog. I was most impressed not by the history or the pictures but by the fact that Rita could control her bladder for so long.. Of course this is coming from the person you used to call tiny tank. Bravo Rita. I have enjoyed the informative blogs and the pictures have been both beautiful and interesting. Can’t say I would have enjoyed the camel cart ride. That looked so uncomfortable. Was that the only choice or did you really crave that experience? The only thing I can compare that to would be the Mackinaw Island horse and buggy ride for 30 minutes right behind the farting horse’s butt. I think you win!!! Rita, I hope you are all better and ready for more wonderful and memorable experiences.

    Miss you guys. Stay safe.

    Love Martha


    • Martha, LOL! I totally can read between the lines!! You’re too funny. BTW … Norm wrote that one, I’m sure you could tell!! I’m just glad I didn’t have to sneeze, laugh or cough during that 7 hour trip! And the camel cart was a choice, of course I was trying to do the most comfortable ride for Norms sake! I thought the cart was much better than the camel itself. Thanks. Can’t wait to see you!


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