Rita forgot to mention this……

This is from Helsinki.  

While we were there, I was waiting on the elevator in our hotel building and lo and behold when it opened, a japanese lady got out of it and I literally bumped into her, or she bumped into me, not sure.  Now mind you, we’ve been bombarded by japanese tourists everywhere we have traveled so I didn’t think anything about it.  We both stopped, and paused for what seemed like eternity, and she looked at me in a very UNFRIENDLY WAY as if I was supposed to bow and say excuse me to her or something like “I’m so sorry”.  Usually, I would have been the first to say “excuse me”, as I know how to use my manners.  But,  I was then suddenly thinking.. maybe that wasn’t just an ordinary japanese women, because she looked so familiar to me.  Who was that?  I know I’ve seen this women before. I never mentioned it to Norm, because of course, it was nothing….. RIGHT?????  Well, later on that day, we were walking through the square where the round chapel was and on a sign there in the square was a picture of the lady!!!!

Yes… it was Yoko Ono.   OMG!!!   I couldn’t believe this!!

I told Norm what had happened, and he said.. too bad, not gonna validate this, you should have told me when it happened.  

But who would have thought that

          a.) Yoko Ono was in town for a concert;


         b.) that she was staying at our hotel!  

So of course, I went online and confirmed all of this.  I’ve been trying to remember to post this ever since, but I seem to not have enough time to get EVERYTHING done!! 

I just thought you all would enjoy this, as we seem to run into some very popular people on our journey around the world.  


8 thoughts on “Rita forgot to mention this……

  1. I literally bumped into Bob Weir once at a salad bar – I was backing away from the mushrooms and he was heading for them! Of course, you may not know who that is.


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