Lake Bled, Slovenia

June 27, 2013 – Guess you’ve been wondering where we’ve been.  We posted a link to a map that shows you where we will be for the next several days as we make our way from Vienna to Salzburg.  We really enjoyed Vienna even though we spent a day inside because of the torrential down pour of rain.  It was ok b/c we needed to get caught up on our expense spread sheet (yes, yet another “Rita job”) and download pictures.  It didn’t stop us from seeing the city, it’s just that our pictures were a little off.  Image




The first picture above is the Hofburg Palace where Maria Teresa of Hungary lived here while she was queen.  Always nice to see another Hungarian succeeding in life, as you can she married quite well at the age of 15.  The second picture is of the Imperial-Royal Government  Offices and to us it is quite funny that anyone can walk these grounds, no security, co cameras, no guns or officers.  Vienna was ruled by Hungary for such a long time that the goulash here in Vienna is everywhere.  The difference is that in Austria they make goulash out of anything, deer, sausage, liverwurst, other game, and it is thicker and more like a stew without vegetables.  We have some funny signs of “lost in translation” on other types of cuisine that we will post on the photo page.

Departing from Vienna, we drove to Lake Bled, Slovenia but along the way we stopped at Kindberg, Austria which is a quaint little village of about 4 streets  and Friasch which was even smaller.  They all of course have their own church and castles, along with new things from today’s century like food trucks on main street.  Image

After leaving these great little villages we drove on to Slovenia and had to drive through a tunnel that was 7 miles long.  We both got a little antsy… wanting to get out of it as soon as possible but had to go the speed limit, as there are cameras everywhere and sensors in the roads that capture your speed and automatically send you a speeding ticket.  WOW!!! What a concept! To alleviate the cops from hiding out along the road eating donuts so the real police can chase the bad guys and still produce revenue for the municipality.  (sorry to all officers out there, not making fun, just pointing out a fact)

We arrived at Lake Bled, Slovenia in pouring down rain and of course Norm started singing the “why me” song… you all know this one… “Why does everything bad happen to me”…LOL!! He was very disappointed that it was raining, as this is one of the most important places along the way that he wanted to see in good weather.  As soon as the rain stopped, he took 95 pictures of the island with the church on it and that was BEFORE our boat ride out to the  island. (Good thing they are digital and not film).   Today the sun is shining and we walked around the entire lake early this morning, so to all of you out there that think I (RITA) does NOT get up in the morning, that is completely WRONG…. I do, I just don’t get up at 4:30 AM or 5:00 AM like NORM does, but it was early morning, around 8 ish and it took us two hours, but well worth it.

Tomorrow we are leaving for the lake district of Austria, (see link to our map mentioned earlier).

Love and miss all of you..

Rita and Norm

First picture after the rain on day of arrival.

First picture after the rain on day of arrival.

View of the Island Church

View of the Island Church

View from our room

View from our walk around the lake.

Bell Tower

Bell Tower

Pilgrimige church on the only natural island in Slovenia. There are 99 steps to ring the church bell.

Pilgrimige church on the only natural island in Slovenia. There are 99 steps to ring the church bell.

Church Alter

No wonder everything is spotless here , these frogs eat it all!

No wonder everything is spotless here, these frogs eat it all!

Lake home from 1876 - NO building permits given after 1945 except to one person.

Lake home from 1876 – NO building permits given after 1945 except to one person.

A cute local family

A cute local family

5 thoughts on “Lake Bled, Slovenia

  1. Norm and Rita,

    We are so much enjoying your posts and look forward to continuing to follow you on your great journey around the world. It’s great fun to wake up each day and wonder “where in the world are Norm and Rita?” and then learn the answer when we read the blog!

    There’s no rush at all to answering this, but we are wondering which island you are going to in the Cook Islands, where you are staying, and why you chose what you did. In planning our return trip to Australia, plus New Zealand, next year, we’re considering a stop in the Cook Islands to or from and are having a difficult time landing on a spot to go and stay based on our research so far. (Part of the problem may be that Bora Bora and our stay at the Four Seasons there was so spectacular we might be trying to find something that “measures up” and that just might be impossible!) Again, no rush on responding, but maybe on a rainy day or while waiting for your few items of laundry to dry you’ll give us your thoughts.

    Take care and keep having a wonderful time.

    Love, Lynne and Pam

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  2. Hey… now… I was just kidding on the picture with the house coat dress… don’t take it seriously. I had not seen one in years!!…
    And BTW… we’ve been walking about 4-6 hours straight on every day on average. Except the days we are driving… of course.


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