June 3, 2013-Date line London.  Good Morning America!  We are up and ready for breakfast.  Yesterday we had a really sunny day so we took photos of Westminster, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace.  We got a late start so we had “brunch” at Covent Gardens at 4:00 pm and walked for three hours through London, Piccadilly, Trafalgar Square, The Mall, St. James Park, and along the Thames.  We came across the World Premier of World War Z starring Brad Pit.  Brad and Angelina were here for the opening, but the crowds were large and we could not get close enough to see them.  We went back to the room at 7:00 pm.  At 10:00 pm, Rita wanted dinner.  I thought the brunch at 4 was sufficient, but she was starved so we went out to eat.  She had bbq ribs and I had a cup of soup.  Got up and ran today.  Feel great.  Following the floods in Europe and the insurrection in Istanbul.  Taking each day one day at a time.  Love and miss you.  Norm & Rita

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