5 thoughts on “No 4th of July fireworks here!!!

  1. Lovely Rita Meter Maid…..
    Since your staying I am hopeful that I will get to see you next year.
    Tom and I are planning our Rome visit next May/June.
    It will be our first spring break not doing the florida gig, Lauren and Paige will both be on their college spring break schedules.
    Tom and I will be starting our new journeys, we will keep you posted.
    It looks like you and Norm are having an amazing journey, God Bless you both and thanks for all the posts.


  2. This was a great report!!! Looked forward to each new turn in the road…Shot seven BR 2:30 a.m..None dead….BR Ave still blocked with yellow tape… General Jody still shouting orders about pack and ship…. Jim told her to stick it and get her ass to work… Gotta love that kid..

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